Cartoning machines

The extent of automation in the industrial world is increasing fast. Of course this has its downsides in the personal sphere of employees, but it is advantageous from the perspective of efficiency. A good example of such an automation which added to a more efficient work place is cartoning machines. Cartoning machines are packaging devices with the help of which cartons can be folded to boxes, products can be placed in these boxes and subsequently cartoning machines are also capable of closing such a box after the product is placed. One can thus imagine that cartoning machines are very useful for example in the food industry or in the pharmaceutical industry. Cartoning machines, or cartoners, as they can be called as well, thus can be used for at least three different activities:

  • They can produce carton boxes by folding and, if necessary, gluing a piece of carton in a particular way. Cartoning machines can make different sorts of boxes and they thus can adapt to your wishes and preferences.
  • Cartoning machines can place products in these boxes. The possibilities with regard to the products vary widely. They for example can be foods, but also medicine or different kinds of other goods.
  • The last step is to close the carton box within which a cartoning machine placed a product. It would be a bit counterproductive if this had to be done by human hands, but luckily cartoning machines can perform this step as well.

If you want to purchase a cartoning machine, for example for your company in the food industry, please have a look at the website of the company Selo. Here you can find information about the company, which is summarised hereunder as well, but you can also find more information about cartoning machines and their applications. This information can be found by clicking on this link: You can also visit the home page of Selo’s website, which can be found by clicking on, and type ‘cartoning machines’ in the search box which can be found in the upper right of your screen. As promised, we will now give you some information about Selo. Then we will tell you how to contact Selo if you have any questions or comments about the company and their products. You can order cartoning machines or other products Selo can supply you with via the websites we mentioned above.

Cartoning machines from Selo

Selo is a company that is specialised in packaging machines and machines with the help of which products can be processed, for example cartoning machines. They can supply a wide range of machines and services. Selo for example can install one single machine, but the company can also supply a complete factory with machinery. Selo relies on many years of experience with packaging machines. They know which developments the packaging industry went through and thus are capable of giving you the best possible advice. Which machines would make the packaging process of the medicines your company manufactures most efficient? What is the best way to pack the food your company supplies to supermarket? In what kind of box and with what kind of machine can you best pack you non-food goods? Selo knows the answers to these kinds of questions. So do not hesitate to contact Selo – the ways in which this can be done will be discussed hereunder – if you want advice on these or similar matters.

The company is based in the Dutch city of Oldenzaal, but they facilitate transport of their services and machines throughout the whole of Europe. Selo makes different sorts of machines, for different kinds of purposes. We will sum up in short the purposes for which Selo can supply you with the appropriate machines:

  • Food processing: this includes for example food packaging machines, as cartoning machines, but also food preparation machines or cooling systems.
  • Meat machinery: this includes machinery that is used for the production of meat, for example mixers and cutters.
  • Packaging machines: this category includes machines that can pack products in for example bottles, bags or jars and also cartoning machines.
  • Artificial casing: this includes machines that manufacture artificial cases for sausages.
  • Pet food equipment: as the name already indicates, this category includes machines that pack pet food.
  • Pharmaceutical: this includes packaging machines that pack medical products.

Next to machines, Selo also provides several services, for example repairing machines in the case of breakdowns or problems, but they can also train employees in how to use machines, or give advice.

Contact us

If you click on one of the abovementioned websites and go to ‘contact’ in the upper right of your screen, you can find the contact details of Selo. If you are in the Netherlands, you can for example contact them via email, by sending a message to You can also give them a call via +31 (0)541 582 000 or, if you have a fax machine, send a fax to +31 (0)541 520 595. Contact details for other countries can also be found in this section of the website. If you scroll down the page you will find a contact form. You can also ask your question or make your remark via this contact form, on which you can also leave your email address. Selo will answer your question or remark as soon as possible.

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