Company formation in The Netherlands

How to open a company in The Netherlands? How does it work, are there special rules and things that you should take into account? Yes, a lot. That is exactly why we wrote this article, to help you if you consider opening a company in The Netherlands. First of all, there are different regulations related to starting a business in The Netherlands by citizens from the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland as well as for non-EU citizens. Besides, it is good to know what kind of companies are available for company formation in The Netherlands.

Different types of entities to open in The Netherlands

 There are different types of entities you can open in The Netherlands, according to the type of business that you want to or going to perform. Here below you find the different types, which we will explain after.

  • The Dutch BV: the limited liability company
  • The general partnership
  • The Dutch limited partnership
  • The professional partnership
  • The public liability company
  • Branches of foreign companies
It all depends on the type of economic activities that you will perform. Sometimes you may need certain permits and licenses and if your business will have an impact on the environment in general, you will have to send a notification to your municipality as well. The Dutch BV, for example, can be registered if you are interested in starting a business, with a minimum share capital of 1 EUR (according to the recently amended Company Law). Then we have the general partnership, this is for companies with two or more partners united under one central name. The Dutch limited partnership will be explained in the next article, the Public Liability Partnership is important as well. This is a type of business that is proper for large investments. Do not forget that it needs a sharer capital of 45,000 EUR if you start company formation in The Netherlands. 

How does it work, company formation in The Netherlands? 

How does that work, company formation Netherlands? The procedure you need to follow will now be explained because foreign enterprisers who want to open a company in The Netherlands have to follow specific steps. The first step to take in company formation in The Netherlands is that you will have to propose three company names. One of the three will be selected then and reserves as the trade name of your Dutch company. If this step has been taken, you will have to draft and notarize the incorporation documents of your new company. Also important to mention is that translation of this document is needed sometimes too, you should not forget that. The documentation has to be submitted with the Dutch Companies Register. It has to be registered for taxation and VAT purposes as well, one of the important things you should never forget. Registering for employment and social security purposes is another step, as well as applying for necessary business licenses (with the authorities in the specific industry in which your new company will activate). These are the main steps to follow if we talk about company formation in The Netherlands. When will you start with company formation in The Netherlands? For more information browse to