Why starting a business in Holland is a great idea

There’s several reasons on why exactly you should be starting a business in Hollands as of this moment right now, that is, if you want to start up a company at all of course. As you may know, setting up a business isn’t something you do in just a second, no you need to do a lot administrative work. Before that, you also need to know what kind of administrative work you have to do as well as what kind of decisions to make regarding the company structure or regarding your residency. When first beginning to research how to set up a Dutch business you may feel like a fish in the ocean. Luckily, there are people who can help you and save you a whole lot of time in doing possibly useless research. These people work for Intercompant Solutions and they will gladly help you with all your problems and give you advice for starting a business in Holland

So, why should you be starting a business in Holland then?

As said before, there’s several reasons why you should start up your own company in this tiny country. It could actually get your company further by starting it in The Netherlands. So, what exactly are these reasons for starting a business in Holland? You may ask. Here are just a couple:

  • Since the Netherlands is a member of the EU, short for the European Union, there is no need to pay for the VAT costs between transactions that are made with other countries that are a member or the European Union.
  • The Netherlands are known to have one of the lowest corporate tax rates among all European countries. This tax rate starts at 20 percent and can be higher depending on your situation. 
  • If you are starting a business in Hollands with the idea in mind of expanding internationally in the future, then it may be good to know that actually, the majority of the Dutch population is fluent in a second language. Of course, many are good with English, but a lot of the Dutch are also proficient in languages from neighboring countries such as French and German. Communicating with people from other countries will be much easier like this!

What type of company should you take when starting a business in Holland?

To start off, there are in fact quite a lot of business structures to choose from when starting a business in Holland. For example, there is the limited partnership or the General partnership. Both of these are unincorporated business structures. There’s also different types of incorporated business structures, for example the Cooperative and mutual insurance society or the Public limited company. Roughly the business structure most chosen by those starting a business in Holland is the Private limited company. This is because it only costs one euro to actually start up this type of business. 

From what you have read up to now, you probably conclude as well that starting a business in Holland may require some extra knowledge. Hence, it is a good idea to call in Intercompany Solutions when starting a business in Holland!