Want to register a company in The Netherlands fast?

When you decide to register a company in The Netherlands, chances are that you want to move forward fast. At Dike International, we know what needs to be done to set up a Dutch company successfully. In our portfolio, you will find over 500 companies that were registered with our help. These businesses originated from more than thirty different countries. Logically, we are an experienced partner when it comes to company formation in The Netherlands. Do you want to register a company in The Netherlands fast? We can help you do this, and more. With our help, it is possible to register a company in The Netherlands in five days. This means that your Dutch business branch can be up and running within a week. If this is the moment you want to move forward, Dike International might be the partner you are looking for. We love to help enthousiastic entrepeneurs with the right knowlegde and expertise, to get their businesses rolling fast. 

How to register a company in The Netherlands

Because the Dutch government encourages all Dutch inhabitants and non-Dutch residents to register a company in The Netherlands, registering is made easy. One needs to go through several steps, including the following:

  • register company at Dutch Chamber of Commerce
  • register company with Dutch tax officials
  • obtain VAT- or EORI-number
  • obtain Dutch social security number

Obtaining a VAT-number is necessary to be able to fulfill tax obligations in The Netherlands. This is automatically given out to anyone who registers their company at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. This information and much more, can be given and explained to you by our experts. Based on your company and business plan, we can also offer advice. It might be necessary to contact an accounting agency or to file for additional permits to perform your business activities in a legal way. It depends on the nature of your business activities what kind of permits you will need when you register a company in The Netherlands. Working in construction will require different permits than working in marketing or arts. Want to know more about doing business or trade in The Netherlands? The Dutch government has set up several websites with information for entrepeneurs, from outside the EU too. As our network is vast, we can also set you up with other companies in the same or adjourning field. Connecting with other entrepeneurs helps finding your way more easily and might land you some new customers too. 

Working in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is generally a very open minded society that welcomes people from all backgrounds. This makes working in The Netherlands easy and fun. It is possible to migrate your company if you want to take advantage of the open business climate fully, but it is also possible to open up a new, additional office. All it takes is to register a company in The Netherlands. Employees are easy to find and are well qualified. If you want to bring employees from your home country, you will need a working permit for them. At Dike International, we can help you with this, as well as to register a company in The Netherlands. Last, we can also offer assistance in finding an office or a home for you and your family.