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The Netherlands incorporation

You are thinking about starting a business in the Netherlands or maybe you want to bring your current company here. That is definitely something that could be possible. But before you decide to take action and register your company in our beautiful country, it is could to know why this would be a good idea and that the Netherlands incorporation has to offer.

  • Dutch BV company
  • Dutch CV company
  • Dutch NV company

There are different types of companies to form in the Netherlands. The BV is one of the most chosen ones. This is your own company (with or without business partners). A CV has a limited partnership and a NV is a public liability company. This is mostly suitable for large and investment companies. The chances are that you will most likely go for a BV. This will give you all the rights to work with your company in the Netherlands. With the right Netherlands incorporation you can do business in the way that you want it and in the end that is the most important thing. If you country does not have the same system as the Netherlands incorporation, it can be a bit confusing for some. This is why it is a smart idea to get help from the people at Intercompany Solutions from IntercompanySolutions.com. Within this business they know everything there is to know about the Netherlands incorporation and how to register your own company here. If you could use some help in this area, contact them today!

Get to know more about the Netherlands incorporation

When it comes to getting to know the various forms of the Netherlands incorporation, we put it very simply in the above section. Most entrepreneurs and businesses will most likely already know it is the BV they are going for. If you belong to the small group who is not entirely sure which the Netherlands incorporation might work best for you and your company, then they can help you out making this decision at Intercompany Solutions. Is it not the Netherlands incorporation that you are confused about, but do you want help with the registration of your company or maybe you want to know how it works to immigrate to this country with your business, they will be able to help you out at Intercompany Solutions. There are different things you can choose from. From just the registration of your company to getting help throughout your entire first year of doing business here. If you also want help with immigration, accounting, translations and for example post and mail service, go for the package!

Moving to the Netherlands

There are various reasons why you want to know more about the Netherlands incorporation or how you can start your own business here. Maybe you already have a company and you are very font of the idea of the Netherlands’ tax system, us being a core member of the EU and having multiple leading world banks. Next to that, we offer an international business climate in a country that is a gateway to the rest of Europe and where 93% of the population have no problem speaking in English. This makes it all very easy to start your own business here and take it from there. Living in the Netherlands is also very pleasant and it will not come as a surprise that many entrepreneurs decide to do so. If this is something you are interested in and you would also like to know more about the Netherlands incorporation contact Intercompany Solutions today!