Overdrive Guitar Straps: built to rock!

If you just bought a beautiful guitar, won’t you also need a stunning guitar strap to hang it around your shoulders? You will not be disappointed by Overdrive Guitar Straps, a company that is built on passion for music. Here you will find the guitar strap that you have been looking for years. Famous in the rock scene are these straps. The Dutch handmade guitar straps of Overdrive straps are world famous in the guitar rock scene. Since rock artists are usually very picky and attached to their guitars, they are also looking for a guitar strap that matches it. Because the offer in good straps was so limited, we decided to make them ourselves! These guitar straps are already worn by many rock icons such as:

  • CHON’s Mario Camarena and Erick Hansel
  • Mastodon’s Brent Hinds and Troy Sanders, Scotty LePage and Clay Gober,
  • The Fall of Troy’s Thomas Erak
  • Polyphia’s Tim Henson
  • Tim Ward…and many more.

Unique Dutch handwork

Cissie Goumare, the popular YouTube star Cizzie, combined her passion for guitars (she plays the guitar herself and goes often to gigs) and handwork. Music is more than just sound; it’s also about your appearance on the stage. Many famous rock bands already bought a guitar strap made by her, such as:

  • The Smashing Pumpkins
  • The Mars Volta
  • The Fall of Troy

Types of straps there are several. According to your needs, taste and budget, Overdrive Straps offers three types of straps in different price categories. Some general price information you find here:

  • All prices include 21% VAT taxes, except for non-EU-countries;
  • You can easily check the prices in your currency with Google’s Converter;
  • Inside Europe, shipping costs start at only 3,95 Euros;
  • But, to non-EU countries there is the big advantage that they pay 0% VAT taxes, so the total price is lower.

Adjustable guitar straps

All straps are adjustable in length by a buckle or a slide. The maximal length is 160cm/ 62″ inch. With a slider you can make it shorter to a minimum of  90cm/ 35″ inch. There is also the option for an extra long length of max. 180cm/ 71″ inch. For this there is an additional charge of €4 or €6. This price depends on the strap model. For a special length you can always contact us, and we can make it your way. All of the straps are 5cm / 2″ inch wide. Enjoy strong and durable quality. The quality of the material he uses is very important for a rock artist. All of the guitar straps on offer are strong and long-lasting. They can be used for years. On the stage it can get pretty rough. Especially the leather is indestructible and can endure even the wildest performance. You can already buy guitar straps for a price starting at 34 Euros per piece. The seatbelt straps  are made from car seatbelts, which makes it a solid material. It can be customized anyway you like, and you can make a combination with the color of leather that you like.

  • Retro Fabric Straps: The Retro fabric straps are the Overdrive Seatbelt straps that are decorated with beautiful fabrics. There is a wide range of great colors and print with an awesome vintage look that will definitely fit your guitar. You will make a great impression on stage. A famous artist such as Brent Hinds from the band Mastodon wears a Vintage 70’s model Overdrive Strap. On our website you will see many pictures of rock guitar players wearing our guitar straps.
  • Full Leather Straps: If you are looking for real quality and comfort, go for the Full Leather guitar straps. Strong full-grain belting leather, that’s the material that these guitar straps are made of. Whether it’s the ‘Marrakech’, ‘Woodstock’, or the ‘Bohemian’, they are all made by hand, they are super sturdy and comfortable on the stage. The price is around 75 Euros per strap.
  • Accessories: Another thing you can find on our website, are the accessories that go with the guitar straps, such as strap blocks, laces and picks to complete your look on the stage. A free Overdrive Straps Guitar Pick you will receive at each order. But if you want some more, you can get them for very low prices.
  • Merchandise; We even offer well-priced cool merchandise with the Overdrive logo for the real fans, such as beanies and t-shirts in black in white. The beanie is on sale right now, so don’t wait to rock-out in style!

Our service and shipping are great. In the guest book on our website you can see the many good experiences the users have had with the quality of the products and services. Among which are the fast shipping to the States and every other country in the world, and the personal touch that Cissie adds to the guitar straps she makes. Service with a personal touch is what you can count on. You will get a quick answer to all of your questions. Since we are a small company, and passionate about what we do, the contact with our customers is something we can give special attention to. Every product can be customizes to your needs. Cissie can also add an autograph or a personal note to your ordered product. The Overdrive guitar straps have already been ships to artists all over the world, from amateurs to professionals. We will make sure that you’ll never have to wait long for your belonged guitar straps.