How difficult is the Netherlands company register procedure?

Starting a company can be difficult. If you want to set up your Dutch Company, you can try to do it by yourself. Or you can simply ask for help, if you surf the following site: Set Up Your Dutch Company can provide you with all the services that you need, you will always have one dedicated contact person. In The Netherlands, the company register procedure is not extremely difficult. In fact, the company register procedure is way more easy than you would think in the first place. That is a good thing, because setting up a company is something that can be exhausting, especially when things don’t go well and not as expected. As mentioned before, The Netherlands company register procedure its not that difficult. 

Netherlands company register: what kind of role plays Set Up Your Dutch Company?

We mentioned that Set Up Your Dutch Company is a team that can help you set up your company in The Netherlands. Netherlands company register within five working days is also possible, you can see  that this is possible if you go visite the website. You can call or you can e-mail, 

So, what kind of services do they provide? They provide the following services:

  • Continuous personal assistance
  • Branch registration
  • Dutch Business bank account services

That is not the only thing, they do also provide help with your business plan and offer accountancy services in The Netherlands for your company to register.

Why would you choose The Netherlands for your company to register? 

Of course, there is a reason behind it, why would you choose The Netherlands for your company to register? The Netherlands is indeed a beautiful country – if we talk about setting up a business. There are many ways to get big, but you have to start somewhere. We know that this is not always easy. A first step in the right direction is to choose for a country where the rules are not that bad and where you are more or less free to build up your own company, which is a very important thing. So, Netherlands is not only famous for the beautiful business or for Amsterdam/Rotterdam (which is the biggest port of Europe and even the world, that is where it happens). There are more reasons to choose for Holland, that is because Holland is the country, with the most joint tax treaties than any other country has in the world. Besides, Holland has a low corporate income tax, something you would not think if you listen to the complaining people in Holland, but it is true that within Europe, Holland has one of the lowest income taxes. And that is really a benefit. And of course the political situation in the Netherlands is quite stable, especially if compared to other countries, where people are unsure and have to listen to their leaders. This is the important freedom-part, we mentioned earlier. Did you also know that royalties are not taxable in The Netherlands? Now you know. So, we think that it is a great choice to choose The Netherlands for you company to register.